On the road, the 2014 Sierra feels more precise and better put together than before. Steering, now electric power assist, makes steering more accurate. Brakes are more responsive and the pedal feels firmer. While the front discs are only a hair larger than before, rear brakes have gone from drum to disc and from 11.6 to 13.6 inches in diameter. When Truck Trend took the 2014 Sierra to the track for performance testing, the test team was impressed with the braking improvement.

When we tested the previous generation of the Sierra, it took 150 feet to stop from 60 mph; with the 2014 model, the truck needed only 125 feet to stop from the same speed. Not only is braking performance dramatically better, but braking has less vibration and is quieter. Why? These brakes use Duralife brake rotors, with a surface that has been strengthened and hardened to reduce corrosion. GMC anticipates these rotors could last twice as long as conventional rotors, which is something that is sure to make avid outdoorsman Vance Meischen happy.